Printer can't recognize your Ink or Toner ?

1) Toner or Ink can not be recognized

Every cartridge contains a chip that is read by the printer when it is installed. The chip informs the printer the type of cartridge it is, how many pages have been printed from the cartridge so far and various other diagnostic information. Many times, the chip is not successfully read by the printer causing installation error messages. A cold restart of the printer generally clears up these issues. To perform a cold restart , please follow below steps:

  1. While the printer is on, remove the toner cartridge from the printer.
  2. Power off the printer and completely disconnect the printer from all power sources. You can do this by unplugging the printer from the wall or unplugging the power cord from the back/side of the printer.
  3. While the printer is off, re-install the toner cartridge. Apply firm pressure to ensure the cartridge is completed seated in the printer.
  4. Wait 10 minutes from the time you unplugged the printer from all power sources. This will ensure the printer memory is completely cleared of any errors.
  5. Plug the printer back into the wall or back/side of the printer and turn the printer on.
2) low yield – light prints



Please read through the following information if you are experiencing problems with your toner cartridges.

You can try take out the cartridge shake it gently side to side to redistribute the toner & reinstall the toner into the printer.Continue to print until the printouts become faded, even if the printer says it's out of toner.


If you see the prints too light so please try the following steps:

  1. Disable toner-saving mode if it is enabled.
  1. Check the print density, quality and maintaining your laser machine settings.
  1. Check if the problem has to do with the printer or the cartridge. To do this, put the cartridge with another Laser Machine (make sure they use the same toner cartridge) or install a backup.
  1. Clean your drum, corona wire or laser lens. Refer to the manual of your laser machine.
  1. You may need to replace the drum cartridge (if applicable)
3)  print quality issues-minor leaking & printing lines

Please read through the following information if you are experiencing problems with your toner cartridges.

  1. Take out the cartridge from your printer first and turn off your printer for a minute.
    2. Please make sure all the sealing tapes are removed.
  2. Redistribute the toner: open the printer and remove the cartridge from the printer. In order not to damage the toner cartridge, we recommend not exposing the cartridge to the light for long (no more than a few minutes.) While exposed, cover the cartridge with a piece of paper or cloth. Rock the toner cartridge from side to side gently so that the toner redistributes inside the cartridge. (Be sure to shake the toner cartridge gently. If you do not shake the cartridge gently, toner may spill out.)
  3. Turn your printer back on and reinstall the cartrdge
  4. Try a test page & verify the quality of the printout.